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​마음의 문은 안 쪽에서만 열 수 있다 - 헤겔

Art Platfomer Game

아트 플랫포머 게임

Little Gods of the abyss
Go on a trip to heal the mysterious and beautiful world of the soul. Visit various stages that express the complex emotions of the Soul World. Open closed doors to heal broken hearts and experience beautiful stories.

# 'Nia' is the healer of broken hearts
Play as 'Nia' who lives in the Soul World. Nia is someone who can heal emotional scars. We all experience pain from breaking up, deaths, loneliness, failure, and more. The hurt consciousness locks themselves in their rooms and become trauma. 'Nia' is here to open these doors and heal the broken hearts.

# A threat to the Soul World
'Nia' has always lived in the peaceful part of the Soul World. She senses danger approaching her world when a storm tears through the Soul World. Play as 'Nia' and go on an adventure to save the crumbling Soul World.


# Go on an adventure to save the Soul World
Each stage in the Soul World will change based on the emotions. Typically you can freely change camera perspectives as you explore your emotions, but certain emotions will lock your perspective, or flip and tear apart the screen. Because of this, the camera perspective, character movement, types of puzzles, and your playstyle will change depending on the emotion.

# A unique exploration experience of the Soul World
We strived to express human emotions through visual graphics. Each chapter is based on unique emotions and are displayed through the color scheme or camera perspectives. We worked hard so that the player can feel the game's uniqueness and charm at a glance.

# Main Features

1) Unique concept
- An adventure with the goal of healing the Soul World
- A spectacular world that expresses various emotions
- Each part of the Soul World is unique in its color scheme, camera perspective, and gameplay style

2) Outstanding Graphical Expression
- Each stage visibly changes depending on the emotion
- Graphics that feel unique and charming at a glance

3) Gameplay that fits the concept
- The exploration of the soul is expressed through the movement of the character, as well as split screen and etc.
- Gameplay that offers unique and varying experiences through puzzle elements, and changing mood and atmosphere
- Unique Gameplay that utilizes changes in camera perspective and split screens

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