2022. 05 플레이x4 B2B 참가

2022. 02 NOTE 모바일 출시

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2022.  Last Knight (가제) PC 출시 예정

2022.  Wanderer(가제) 모바일 출시 예정

2022.  Dungeon Slayer(가제)

2022.  Haru(가제)

2022.  Pianist

2022.  DOOR : Inner Child (2).gif

NOTE : a composer and a note

2d minimal platformer with unique mechanic

It's really beautiful

2021. 03 : Release on PlayStation4 America

2021. 07 : Release on PlayStation4 Europe


Go on a trip to heal the mysterious and beautiful world of the soul. Visit various stages that express the complex emotions of the Soul World. Open closed doors to heal broken hearts and experience beautiful stories.

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official schedule

2021. 11. G-STAR Gameshow - B2B

2021. 12. 2d game release

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